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Highway 17 Revisited (2016)

Five-page comic commissioned by Winkreative for On the UP Magazine, the onboard magazine of the Union Pearson Express Train in Toronto. About my family’s road trips to visit relatives along Highway 17 in Northern Ontario when I was a kid.

#FestHacks vol 1 & 2 (2016)

Commissioned by Toronto International Film Festival. Starring myself as a pretentious film buff(oon) espousing moronic tips and tricks to get the most out of TIFF.

The Healing Cadaver (2016)

A short spooky tale that debuted at TCAF 2016. Risograph printed in black, mint, and metallic gold ink by Colour Code Printing in Toronto.

Tourvan (2015)

Serialized comic strip published by Noisey (Vice’s music site). It chronicles the struggles and small triumphs of a touring Canadian indie band, lead by their neurotic and narcissistic frontman, Shaun. Inspired by true events…

Tourvan Vol 1 debuted as a printed collection at Zine Dream 2014. Risograph printed in teal, yellow, and fluorescent pink ink by Colour Code Printing in Toronto.

Read all the episodes for free here

Special Agents (2013)

Romantic X-Files fanzine. Risograph printed in blue and fluorescent pink ink by Colour Code Printing in Toronto. 


NINJA FACTS contains 16 illustrated pages devoted to discovering the truth behind the black mask–the facts behind the illusive ninja. Cover is color xerox printed on thick linen-textured card. Inner pages xerox printed in black and white. Hand-stitched binding.

Lamb (2014)

Lamb is a spooky 10-page occult horror story, xerox printed in black and white with red inner cover. You can read it online here.